The story of Noemic is the story of lockdowns and pandemic discussions over Zoom.  It is a realization that the overused concept of Thought Leadership is broken and needing a reset. What if we could redefine and incubate a new authentic Thought Leadership paradigm for the 21st Century? Out of that exploration comes a new practice that incorporates Futures Thinking and Thought Leadership Marketing to incubate and amplify your unique foresight in your industry.



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Chief Intelligence Officer

Cameron Thomas is a seasoned Authentic Thought Leadership marketer with a passion for research and innovative ideas.  He has worked over 15 yrs. with entrepreneurs where he gained deep insights into their entrepreneurial creativity and desire to disrupt the status quo. He is a Director at Margaret’s a Women’s charity in Toronto, and was an Instructor at Humber College Media Studies focusing on Leadership and Teamwork in PR.

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Chief Experience Officer

Ivan Liu is the consummate service focused Leadership Professional consistently striving to make positive client experiences the forefront of his decision-making. He has had multiple progressive roles within the corporate world and spent the last 10 years supporting and consulting companies at various stages of growth. Grounded in realism and always focused on the future, he co-founded Noemic excited to help chaperone Leaders to affect positive change and growth in their companies.

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Chief Futurist

Maggie Greyson is a global award-winning Futurist for her mastery in futures thinking and design. Throughout her career she has helped individuals, organizations, and governments to think long-term, find surprising opportunities, and unintended consequences. Maggie's practice with new formats for storytelling garners international attention as a writer, facilitator, speaker, and brand communications expert. She teaches at Centennial College and is a guest lecturer at universities across North America. ​

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